So Here Goes

I’m writing this from a place of peacefulness. Peace of the mind, that is. Today at exactly 3.45pm I regained my freedom. After months of work and a good share of struggles* I finished my Bachelor thesis and handed it over to the people in charge of it now. Shortly before that I got into a fight with my laser printer which spontaneously decided to swallow and tear apart all sheets of paper I fed it with. People (me) and objects (the printer) got wounded in the ensueing events, but I guess I’m just gonna be wearing that scratch above my right knee with pride. Anyway… what I wanted to say is that I finally have some more time on my hands to do all the things I was daydreaming about the past few months… ALL THE TIME. Like getting started with this blog, for example. So here goes!

*with myself, motivation, discipline, health, doubts, sentences, books, printers, photocopiers, word processor software,…


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