On Blogging

So ok then, I have started a blog.

The truth is, I have been on and off blogging for about 6 years now. I can’t even recall every single blog address I ever had. I have blogged in my native language (German), and English. I tried out different platforms. I focused on different topics, either personal stuff, or creative writing, or photography. Some blogs of mine were top secret, whereas others served as a means of communication between me and friends and family whenever I was on one of my travels but still wanted to keep a connection to my homebase (and tell all the cool stories that happened to me along the way).
I was a typical nomad when it came to blogging.

This time, however, I made a resolution. Yes, I may have made those before, too, but I like to tell myself that this time it’s different. And somehow I think it really is. My resolution is to keep this blog up and running ’til the end of December, and to post at least once every week. Even if I think I don’t have anything interesting or worthwhile to say. If it turns out I really don’t have anything to say at all, I can still shut this whole thing down in January. But before that, I’ll try. Try to create something meaningful to myself. Try to share the stories of my travels, and of anything else. Try, and maybe fail, and then try again.
Try harder.

So let’s all hope that my nomadic blogging life will come to a halt now, and that I will finally be ready to settle here and concentrate on the two things that I love the most– writing and photography.
See you around. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “On Blogging

    1. Oh, I wish it was! I could imagine living in a “Bauwagen” for a longer period of time one day. Maybe the opportunity will strike in the next 2 or 3 years. But for now I’m still living in a regular flat, and fortunately it’s a pretty decent place to write, too. Even though I get distracted by my flatmate sometimes =)

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