The Calm Before the Storm

I visited my parents last weekend, and on Saturday morning I got up early. It was very quiet and thick clouds of fog covered the ground outside. I grabbed my camera, which I had abandoned and neglected since early June because I was head up in my Bachelor’s thesis, and went outside for a walk through the fields and woods next to the house where I spent my late teen years.
Everyone was still sound asleep and so I didn’t see a single human soul during the next two hours. But I met a few other souls: deer and rabbits mostly.

I encountered this adorable fawn which was “hiding” in the grass next to the trail I walked. It was so still that at first I thought that it couldn’t be real. I also kept looking for boars which are pretty common in that area, and a wolf which recently had escaped a zoo and was last seen around the woods, but (luckily) we didn’t cross paths that morning.

The area behind the forest is quite swampy, and at this time of the year the heather is blossoming in a beautiful purple tone.

[Week 34] Last Days of Summer

I ususally am not a self-portrait artist, so this one wasn’t quite planned. But I really loved the light on that morning and the colours, so I went out of my way and took some selfies with the heather anyway. I didn’t have a remote control or a tripod with me, so I had to use the self-timer option in my camera and the brushes instead. After about 20 tries I had a few that I thought were sufficient considering the impromptu session.

These pictures are so peaceful and the total opposite of what my life is like at the moment. I am most probably going to move to another city soon, and am on the hunt for apartments and jobs right now. To make things even trickier I need a particular document so that I can start with my studies again, but the people at the student’s office told me it might take up to six more weeks (which will be too late for me).

Next week I’m going to visit my soon to be new “hometown”, and I will take plenty of photos to show here. If only the documents I have so far will be sufficient, I would be more than happy.


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