Double Exposures on Medium Format

The Roots (Identity)

Ghost, Giggling

Comedy and Tragedy


As I’m looking through my almost three-year-old photostream over on Flickr, I’m trying to get some kind of order into three (and older) years of my personal journey in photography. It’s not that simple, since I have dabbled in digital as well as in film photography, and took pictures of so many different subjects. For the last few months I have felt a bit uninspired and not sure where to go with my work. I’m not sure which direction to take, or if I should take any particular direction just yet.
But I do know that I want to take it further, to the next level, gain new knowledge & skills, make new experiences, and develop as a photographer and as an artist.
So I’m eradicating the chaos in my head photography-wise by ordering my pictures by themes, topics, subjects, and medium (digital and analogue, different kinds of film). This way I’m hoping to be able to get a better idea of what interests me, what are recurring subjects or themes,  what do I like, what doesn’t resonate with me anymore. It’s how I’m going to be trying to find new ideas, inspiration, and maybe even a direction.

How did you develop your work and skills? Was it hard to take a particular direction, or did it just fall into place eventually?


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