On Writing and Being a Writer

I just stumbled upon this micro-documentary by The New Yorker about Joyce Carol Oates. It offers a tiny glimpse into her home, and her life and work as a writer.
The part at the end about not having a personality really resonated with me because I have often felt that way without being able to understand it, let alone put it into words as beautifully as she did.
But see and listen for yourselves:

Also, there are a few other links I recently stumbled across which I found inspiring and interesting:

There is a lot in Miller’s writing routines that I should take to heart more often. I especially like number 1, 3, 5, and 10.

Are there any articles, interviews or documentaries on writing, writers, or anything related that you can recommend?


3 thoughts on “On Writing and Being a Writer

      1. You’re welcome and the glimpse into Joyce Carol Oates’ writing world is an interesting perspective. I have on my shelf her book, Missing Mom, where she says “This is my story of missing my mother. One day, in a way unique to you, it will be your story, too.”…

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