Last year, during a walk through an allotment garden settlement, the man and I passed by a garden with many apple and plum trees. An elderly couple was hard at work harvesting the fruit, and we asked if we might pick up some apples to eat, since we were hungry. They smiled and waved us over into their garden enthusiastically.

“So many apples, we don’t know what to do with all of it. We already gave lots of them to neighbours, friends, and family, and we still have so much left”, the old man told us.
Before we could reply, his wife came back with plastic bags and encouraged us to collect some of the apples.

“Pick the ones from the tree, the ones on the ground are not so good anymore”, she said.
They watched us pick the apples, smiling, and wouldn’t be content unless we had our bags filled to the top.


After we thanked them, we left with heavy bags full of apples and a few plums, making our way home thinking what to do with all the fruit now.

We ended up with apple pie, apple sauce, and apple marmelade. Whenever I see these pictures, I remember the old couple, their friendliness, and how we turned the apples into all that delicious food. I smell fallen leaves and can’t wait to take a walk in the forest. Maybe I’ll meet the two generous souls again, and maybe I’ll come back home with bags full of goodness.

[Week 04] Last Fall's Survivors


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