Literary Links


Today I have two writing-related links for you that I find interesting.

The first is an article on Guardian Online in which Horace Engdahl, a jury for the Nobel prize in literature, argues that Creative Writing courses and grants do massive damage to (Western) literature.
Though I agree with him that it is important and useful for writers, and artists in general, that they have many different experiences in the real world and meet many different people, I find his overall attitude quite snobby. He seems to forget that from early history on, writers and artists often had people who supported them financially so that they could concentrate on their writing/art. So it is not too different than the grants that a few lucky writers receive nowadays.
What do you think? Do you agree with his argumentation?

[Week 02] Pictures and Books

The second link I enjoyed very much. Elisabeth Donnelly created the list of the 50 best films about writers, ranked.
I only have seen very few of the films (Sylvia, Manhattan, Midnight in Paris, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), so this list is very helpful for me in that now I have inspiration for months to come on what to watch during the cold season. And a big plus that there are European films in it, too! And they are all about writers! Now I need to decide on which one to watch first.

Did you watch any of the movies listed? Which one is your favourite? Can you recommend any films about writers that are not mentioned in this list?


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