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I haven’t been on here for ages to create blog post since I have a new home online for my photography. I’m still on wordpress but with my own domain:

So if you’d like to visit and catch up, you know where to find me. 🙂

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Into the Woods

Can't see the wood for the trees

I love the woods. Nothing quite beats a stroll among the trees on a cold, foggy morning in December.

Strollers in the Fog

A few years ago I stayed a week in the Harz area in Germany for a winter vacation. It’s a lovely region, especially if you’re into nature and outdoor activities.


Moss and mushrooms growing on old dead pieces of wood. There is a lot to be discovered in the forest. I love the different shades of green, and the purple-ish tint of the film.

Stand ein Männlein

A tiny tree growing from the stump of an old one. I’m always amazed at how nature recovers (at least in this case).

Wo Fuchs und Hase

It’s really rewarding to stray from the beaten path. You might find yourself at a really beautiful place all of a sudden. In this case, a clearing somewhere in the middle of the forest near the town of Braunlage.

Long Way Down

The long, winding road up. And not a single soul around.


A view up from the cliff Hahnenkleeklippen, obscured by the thick fog that rose up towards evening.

Happy friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend and thank you for following along! 🙂

A Room with a View

Last year I moved to a new apartment and was happy to discover that suddenly, I had a room with a view. I had lived in an old attic room with two skylights before, so (though it was always well lit and bright) I could not look outside without twisting my back and neck, and since I looked onto a busy street on the one side and a quiet road with apartment buildings on the other, the view was not such a rewarding sight anyway.

A Room With A View

I grew up in the countryside and as a child, I had the luxury to have an amazing view upon the small neighbourhood and endless green pastures. More often than not, there was no sound except for some horses whinnying in the far distance. So I was always craving for a room with a view again. Fast forward 9 years of life in the city, and here I am: still in the big city, but right in the middle of nowhere. I instantly fell in love with how the view changes depending on the time of day and the season, and have taken a bunch of photos since I first moved here:

Room with a View
The soft golden sunlight on an early November morning.

Room with a ViewThe fog hovering over the next town.

IMG_3739 A heavy rainfall around the time of New Year’s, as thick as a curtain and blocking the view.

IMG_3997 Soft, white blankets of snow covering everything, absorbing all sounds and creating peacefulness.

IMG_4154 Spring’s yellow coat, and the sweet scent from the fields hovering everywhere.

Late summer’s view, a taste of what’s to be ahead in fall.

It’s reaaly the seemingly small things that can create such ridiculous happiness.

Have a beautiful start to the week, and enjoy the small luxuries along the way.